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( 3 Pcs ) Reusable Mouse Board Sticky Glue Mice Trap Pad

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  • This product has a strong sticky, good performance, easy to use.
  • Great Non-toxic way of catching rodents and insects.
  • You can also bring some foods that mice like to eat to make baits.
  • Suitable for kitchen, living room, and other corner.
  • Can be folded freely, more convenient to use.
  • Super-adhesive glue, not easy to dry. Super thick cardboard, not easy to escape.
 499 50% Off

12-V Portable Car Multipurpose Vacuum Cleaner For Office Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Easy to use
  2. Immaculately designed for mobility
  3. Cleans up dust, dirt, cigarette ashes, cookie crumbs, eraser crumbs, hair, rice, wastepaper,
  4. Place in the DC 12V plug into the car cigarette lighter receptacle
 1099 39% Off

Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier (2 Pcs)

  1. Highest food-grade silicone, BPA-Free, Latex-Free, Petroleum-Free, Lead-Free, and Phthalates-Free
  2. Engineered to allow only the tiniest of food pieces to go through to prevent choking.
  3. Both a pacifier fruit holder and teething toy.
  4. You only have to wash with warm soapy water or boil to sterilize.
 650 46% Off

Creative 3D Moving Sand Art Liquid Hourglass


【Relaxing】Each time you flip the sand picture will gradually form a new sandscape. The process of sand falling slowly through the bubbles will make people feel relaxed and relieve stress and eye strain.

【High quality material】The moving sand art picture consists of transparent glass, different proportions of colored fine sand and new plastic frame.

【Desktop quicksand decor】The quicksand painting gradually forms a layered sandscape through the movement, which is perfect for home and office decoration.

【Perfect gifts】Quicksand art painting is perfect as a birthday gift holiday gift for family, friends, students and people who work on computers.

 2499 37% Off

Double Triangle Wall Mounted Hanger

  1. Made of aluminum that is tough and lightweight
  2. Wall-mounted clothes hanger for airing, use very convenient
  3. The folding and telescopic design can be a warehouse for easy storage when you don’t need to use it.
  4. Convenient clothes hangers for bedroom, bathroom, hotel, laundry, balcony, office room and etc.
 1650 21% Off

Electric Pillow Warmer

  1. Keep your family Warm and Cozy
  2. Use Electric Heated Pillow for kids, parents, family for instant relief.
  3. Multipurpose use for body, cold hand, and feet.
  4. Easy to Carry anywhere, in-car/bike, etc.
  5. Make Water Hot is 5-10 minutes
  6. Water Remain hot for hours.
  7. This Pillow is hassle-free–Replacement of hot water bottle
 1250 37% Off

Flexible Magic Hose Pipe 100 Feet

  1. Flexible Magic Hose Pipe For Watering Garden.
  2. Brilliant 100FT (30m)
  3. Garden Water Hoses with nozzles.
  4. This hoses won’t tangle, wind or wrinkle
 1650 34% Off

Flexible Magic Hose Pipe 50 Feet

  1. Flexible Magic Hose Pipe For Watering Garden.
  2. Brilliant 50FT (15m)
  3. Garden Water Hoses with nozzles.
  4. This hoses won’t tangle, wind or wrinkle and can carry and stow easily.
 1199 33% Off

Microwave Dust Cover Waterproof Double Pocket Storage Bag Microwave Oven Cover

  1. Made of premium-quality cotton, durable and easy to wash.
  2. Let your microwave oven away from the oil and dust, extend the life of the microwave oven.
  3. Can be folded into a small, space-saving, easy storage.
  4. Fashion and beautiful appearance, add more fun and decoration to your home.
  5. Perfect for microwave, also a nice gift.
 799 27% Off

Multi functional Magic Silicone Sticky Flower wall hanging Vase 1 Pcs

  • The creative vases are made of nanoscale polymer materials, which are resistant to tear and high temperature. No need to nail, no damage to the wall, no glue mark design.
  • Adopt new high polymer material, make the back of the vase by means of nanotechnology countless small suction cups adsorb the smooth surface, super absorbency lets you place as you like.
 499 50% Off

Multi-Purpose Portable Stain Remover – 100 ML


1. Its lightning fast action removes stains from clothing, bibs, carpets, car and furniture upholstery.
2. Removes old and new protein and tannin stains like coffee, tea, ink, juice, wine and more with just a few drops.
3. Garment stubborn stain cleaner, fix any stain problem in a short time! Stir and blot dry – it’s that easy!
4. Safe and gentle to your skin and harmless to most types of clothing and fabrics.

 990 50% Off

New Handheld Mini Coffee & Egg Beater


100% Brand new and high quality
Non-stick, flexible, and easy to handle
Stainless steel spring and the body is made of abs plastic
Simple on/off button for easy operation
Eggbeater will not damage cookware or bowls
Easy to clean with a damp cloth

 599 40% Off
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