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( 2 PCS ) Iron Mosquito Coil Holder Incense Holders


1. Iron Mosquito Coil Holder: Cute Incense Holders Burner Stand with ash catcher for safety using and keeps floor clean.

2. Safe and Durable: Metal structure with finished surface rustproof, solid, durable and safety using.

3. Decorations: Mosquito Coil & Incense Burner Metal Frame also can be used as home desktop decoration more refined.

4. Elegant Design: Mosquito Coil Shelf can be combined with other home accessories to create a romantic atmosphere.

5. Application: Repellent Incense Rack suitable for indoors and outdoors such as living room, bedroom, shopping mall, bathroom, patio and more.

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( 3 Pcs ) Reusable Mouse Board Sticky Glue Mice Trap Pad

5 ★
5 ★
1 Rating
5 ★
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1 ★
  • This product has a strong sticky, good performance, easy to use.
  • Great Non-toxic way of catching rodents and insects.
  • You can also bring some foods that mice like to eat to make baits.
  • Suitable for kitchen, living room, and other corner.
  • Can be folded freely, more convenient to use.
  • Super-adhesive glue, not easy to dry. Super thick cardboard, not easy to escape.
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1/4 Inner Hex 50mm 60mm Electric Drills Adapters Drill Chuck Screwdriver


【High-quality Materials】: Made of high-quality carbon steel, it can achieve durability and support through daily use to quickly switch tasks and keep working smoothly.

【Non-slip Round Handle】: Comfortable big spherical grip, anti-slip design, more convenient one-hand operation, press down can release the ejection bit, realizing quick replacement in one second.

【Universal 1/4 Hexagon Handle】: It is suitable for clamping on electric drill chucks without quick function. The clamping diameter of the chuck needs to be greater than 6.3mm. After the connection is stable, it is convenient to quickly replace the power tool accessories with a hexagonal handle.

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12-V Portable Car Multipurpose Vacuum Cleaner For Office Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Easy to use
  2. Immaculately designed for mobility
  3. Cleans up dust, dirt, cigarette ashes, cookie crumbs, eraser crumbs, hair, rice, wastepaper,
  4. Place in the DC 12V plug into the car cigarette lighter receptacle
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16 Colors LED Crystal Table Lamp Rose Light Projector


Three-color Light And 16-color Light
Three-color light: warm light + warm white light + white light.

USB Plug-in/Charging Remote Design
Open switch, the table lamp can show fascinating light and shadow effects. It is made of acrylic material, with clear and smooth lines and simple design.

➢Special 3D Technology
The 3D effect is like a diamond. The refracting crystal lights are bright and colorful, highlighting the gorgeous temperament, decorating your living room and creating a comfortable and romantic atmosphere.It is very suitable for bedroom, living room, dining room, study room, craft room, corridor, closet, hotel, office, etc.

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20-in-1 Cleaner Kit Earphones Cleaning Pen Screen Cleaning Tool Kit


[Keyboard cleaning kit]: The key cap extractor can remove the key cap for easy cleaning, and the shaft extractor can help replace damaged bearings.

[Cleaning kit]: a metal head for cleaning gaps and stains, a high-density brush for headphones and phone networks, and a flocked sponge for cleaning the charging box holes of earplugs.

[Computer cleaning kit]: The screen electronic cleaning kit and computer cleaning kit are suitable for cleaning dust and stains on the screens of mobile phones, cameras, and laptops

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360 Degrees Rotating Shower High Pressure Water Shower Head


【High Pressure Design】Shower head makes water flow generates a pressurized flow through the rotating wheel, increasing the speed of the water flow, thereby increasing the water pressure.Apply to low water pressure.
【Water Saving】Shower head uses micro nozzle technology makes the outlet holes smaller and denser, increasing the speed of the water flow, At the same time Up to 40% water saving than ordinary shower head.
【ON/OFF Switch】Shower head have a ON/OFF Switch. Just press the switch on the nozzle handle to stop the water flow at any time.
【Easy to Uses】Handheld shower head adopts G1/2 international standard interface, suitable for most hoses and brackets or shower attachment arms, It can be installed by itself without the use of plumbers and tools.

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3D Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers Heart-shape Self-adhesive


Product Name: Acrylic Love Mirror Wall Sticker
Material: Acrylic
Color: gold
Shape: Heart-shape
Applicable scenarios: Living room, bedroom, study, shop, office, etc.
Size: The big heart is about 10.5×9cm, the small heart is about 6×7cm.
Quantity: 10 pieces/set

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4 pcs Anti Vibration Feet Pads Rubber Legs Anti Skid


1. Apply to tables and chairs, sofa, washing machine, bed, tea table and other furniture foot protection.
2. Made of TPR material, can keep your machines and dryers from walking and reduce the vibration imparted on the floor.
3. Good vibrations with absorbing abilities to make your washing machine more stable and balanced, keep your laundry room quite and nice.
4. Strong and durable to use, easy to carry, waterproof, wear resistant.

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4Pcs Refrigerator Liners Mats: Washable, Waterproof & Oilproof


• Washable and Waterproof :The refrigerator liners are washable and waterproof, making them easy to clean and maintain.

• Oilproof :The liners are oilproof, preventing oil and other liquids from leaking out and damaging your shelves or drawers.

• Perfect for Various Surfaces :The liners are perfect for use on various surfaces such as shelves, freezer, cupboard, cabinet, and drawer, making them versatile and practical.

• Set of 4 Liners :The set includes four liners, providing ample coverage for all your refrigerator surfaces.

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8 In 1 Cleaner Brush Kit for Computer Keyboard Screen Earphone Cleaning Tool

  • Small and convenient, take it anywhere
  • Cleaning artifact, 8-in-1, multi-functional
  • Applicable: keyboard/headset/screen/car air outlet/charging port
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Adjustable Magnetic Double Side Magnetic Glass Wiper Cleaner


1. Double sided magnetic cleaning: magnetic glass cleaning machine, with powerful internal magnetism, locks both sides of the cleaning together, providing you with a comprehensive cleaning anywhere. When you move one side, the other side follows. Double sided magnetic glass cleaner, easy to clean and use.

2. High quality materials: natural latex, magnet, providing strong magnetic force. Built in water storage sponge, no need to add water repeatedly. Magnetic and cleaning cotton are durable and can clean glass more effectively.

3. Adjustable in five gears: the washer can be adjusted according to different glass thickness, and adjustable in five gears, which is more convenient to use and easier to clean.However, it should be adjusted slowly at the beginning of use to avoid the glass shattering under too strong pressure.

4. Wide application: this magnetic glass cleaner is suitable for 4-28mm thick double-layer glass windows, and is very suitable for cleaning family Windows, windows, sliding doors, shower screens or any 4-28mm double-layer glass surface.

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