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Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Accessories

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100-PCS Color Disposable Food Cover Wrap Food-Grade


1,【Larger And Thicker]】 The upgraded food cover has a diameter of 25cm after being laid flat, which is suitable for tableware, bowls, and any other food containers of various shapes and most sizes

2,【Safe And Healthy】 It is made of high-quality HDPE/LDPE material, non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly, and safe, so it can be safely used for food masks. Waterproof, effectively preventing food from getting wet.

3,【Properly Wrapped】The edge of each meticulously crafted transparent food cover is equipped with an elastic band with a suitable curvature, which can wrap the plate without excessive tension.

4,【Multi-function】 In addition to daily preservation and dust prevention, the transparent food cover can also be used for outdoor parties or picnics to cover food for easy carrying.

5,【Flexible design】 It can be adjusted to fit various shapes and sizes(square, rectangular, round), cups, plates, or other food containers.

6,【Convenient and fast】 Asy to complete the food storage and freshness in 3 seconds.

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1Pc Extended Electric Igniter Windproof Usb Rechargeable


WINDPROOF AND FLAMELESS TECHNOLOGY: The Arc lighter adopt windproof design and flameless plasma technology to protect the electric pulse from being blown out by strong wind or wet weather

WIND &SPLASH-PROOF DESIGN: The candle lighter adopts a windproof design, can be used under any conditions, even wind conditions, and is suitable for outdoor camping and hiking

UNIQUE& IDEAL GIFT:This USB rechargeable lighter set includes 1 lighter and 1 USB charging cables. And with Beautiful and special design, this candle lighter is an idea gift for Christmas, thanksgiving days, New Year, Housewarming,holiday etc

RECEPTIVITY FOR USE: This product has a hook design integrated at the bottom, which is ingeniously combined with the product itself, making it more convenient to hang it on the hook on the wall, the zipper on the backpack, and on various places where objects can be hung. More convenient to carry and store, reducing the possibility of loss

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2 In 1 Dumpling Mold Maker Dumpling press Machine

  • Premium & Safe Material — Our dumplings tool is made of high quality food grade PP for durability, with smooth surface and good texture. Press the tool and they will immediately make a beautiful dumpling. Easy to use and clean, just rinse the flour with water.
  • Unique Design — Different from the traditional Dumpling Skin Maker, the handle adopts a non-slip design, and the handle maintains a perfect distance from the bottom, effectively preventing fingers from being pinched. Special protection allows you and your child to enjoy the cooking process together.
  • Easy to Use — Dumpling Skin Maker just put the dough in and press once with this Dumpling Skin Maker, the flat smooth surface makes each tortilla as flat as you need every time. Simple operation, easy to use.
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2-in-1 Peeler Slicer Plastic Multi-use Banana Cucumber Carrot Cutter

  • Usage/Application :- Kitchen
  • Tough quality
  • It has extra sharp stainless steel blade
  • Easy to use, Suitable for all vegetables
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2Pcs Dumpling Mold Rolling Pin Set



1. This is a simple, convenient, practical and very cheap dumpling making, which can help make perfect dumplings in minutes.

2. This is a magical kitchen tool that makes DIY cooking for your whole family relaxed, you don’for t have to deal with the trouble of packing and stuffing dumplings. Just press the dough presser and they immediately make a beautiful dumpling.

3. You just need to flip the dumpling mould to seal and curl your dumplings in the perfect shape.

4. When you make dumplings, oysters, fruit pies and more, this type of dumpling mold can be your good helper.

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3 Life Folding Electric Water Pump USB Charging Touch Control


1、Compatible with a variety of bottled water

2、Wireless use, anytime, anywhere

3、TYPE-C charging port

4、Light push to close

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3 Pcs Kitchen Helper Dumpling Mold Hardbound

  • It is hard to make Chinese dumpling?

Don’t worry!

  1. Quadruple Time Dumpling Maker Mold can help you solve this problem easily,
    an effective kitchen magic,you do not have troubles to deal with wrapper and filling of dumplings.
  2. This is a magic tool for easy DIY cooking for your whole family.
    This Dumpling Mould can be a great helper for you when you make dumplings, ravioli, fruit pies, calzones.
  3. As long as you possess it,you can make delicious dumplings easily and quickly at home.
  4. There is no more ugly looking dumplings if you own this dumpling maker.
 840 36% Off

3-Segment Type Knife Sharpener Household Quick Sharpening


• Multi-Functional Sharpener: This kitchen knife sharpener is a multi-functional, hand-held tool that serves three purposes. It’s a versatile addition to your cooking utensils.

• Three-Purpose Design: The three-purpose design of this sharpener makes it a comprehensive tool for your kitchen needs. It can be used for honing, sharpening, and polishing your knives.

• Black Sharpening Stone: The black sharpening stone offers a durable and long-lasting surface for sharpening your knives. Its black color ensures a smooth and even sharpening process.

• Easy to Use: This sharpener is designed for easy use. It’s a hand-held tool, making it convenient and easy to operate, even in tight spaces.

 940 53% Off

4In1 Multifunctional Electric Vegetable Cutter Slicer


Filling Hole: It is also convenient to add one, avoiding the tedious steps of opening and screwing the cap, and the long ingredients such as pepper, cowpea, yam, etc. can be directly inserted;

Directly Put Into the Pot: shot-cut slicing, no need for a container to cook in seconds, the garlic slices and chili rings are even and beautiful;

Comfortable Grip: Breaking the dangling click mode of the traditional electric garlic paste, the ergonomic design does not tire your hands;

One-key Cleaning: The whole machine is rinsed, the feeding hole is added with detergent to start with one key, and it can be washed with running water by stirring for 5 seconds.

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4Pcs Refrigerator Liners Mats: Washable, Waterproof & Oilproof


• Washable and Waterproof :The refrigerator liners are washable and waterproof, making them easy to clean and maintain.

• Oilproof :The liners are oilproof, preventing oil and other liquids from leaking out and damaging your shelves or drawers.

• Perfect for Various Surfaces :The liners are perfect for use on various surfaces such as shelves, freezer, cupboard, cabinet, and drawer, making them versatile and practical.

• Set of 4 Liners :The set includes four liners, providing ample coverage for all your refrigerator surfaces.

 699 30% Off

50pcs/set Disposable Air Fryer Oil-proof Paper Trays


【Keep Your Air Fryer Clean】These disposable paper liners can effectively keep food residue away from fryer and make it as clean as unused, saving time and effort.

【No interfering with internal air circulation】The heat is generated by air circulation from the pan’s wall, and it won’t affect the air circulation by using disposable paper liners.

【Widely Used】Suitable for air fryer, microwave, oven, steamer, cooker, etc.

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All in One Vegetable Cutter Shredder Food Processor Chopper

  • 3 in 1 Upgraded Vegetable Chopper Slicer
  • Free Hands & Safe to Use
  • Quick Spin & Quick Clean
  • Premium Materials & Beautiful Design
  • The ABS plastic is nontoxic, ensuring 100% healthy meals for you and your family.
 2499 62% Off
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