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Garden And Cleaning

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Adjustable Magnetic Double Side Magnetic Glass Wiper Cleaner


1. Double sided magnetic cleaning: magnetic glass cleaning machine, with powerful internal magnetism, locks both sides of the cleaning together, providing you with a comprehensive cleaning anywhere. When you move one side, the other side follows. Double sided magnetic glass cleaner, easy to clean and use.

2. High quality materials: natural latex, magnet, providing strong magnetic force. Built in water storage sponge, no need to add water repeatedly. Magnetic and cleaning cotton are durable and can clean glass more effectively.

3. Adjustable in five gears: the washer can be adjusted according to different glass thickness, and adjustable in five gears, which is more convenient to use and easier to clean.However, it should be adjusted slowly at the beginning of use to avoid the glass shattering under too strong pressure.

4. Wide application: this magnetic glass cleaner is suitable for 4-28mm thick double-layer glass windows, and is very suitable for cleaning family Windows, windows, sliding doors, shower screens or any 4-28mm double-layer glass surface.

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High Pressure Direct Sprayer Sprinkler Washer Nozzle


1. Durable: The water spray nozzle is made of high-strength materials, has long service life.
2. High Pressure Sprinkler: Strong water pressure, no water leakage, easy to wash away dirt and dust.
3. Easy Installation: Tight installation and connection, saving time and effort. Easy to install, dismount and clean.
4. Wide Application: The spray sprinkler is applicable to connecting faucets, washing cars, watering plants, and washing glass.

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High Pressure Nozzle Garden Hose Spray Nozzle


1. Metal material, more durable

2. Install the connection tightly

3. Long -term use of high -intensity materials

4. Various types of applications, such as car washing, watering, etc.

5. The head can adjust the spray spray, rotate to stop the water

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Newest Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Lamp Radiation-less

  • Entrapment light source technology, strong electric shock, high mosquito killing rate, longer life
  • Pregnant women, children can be used, harmless to the human body, and protect the safety of their families
  • Long battery life, support outdoor camping.
  • 360°no dead angle pest control, can be used in large spaces. Keep away from mosquitoes. Bring us a quiet and comfortable night.
  • Lightweight and light, it can be hung to kill mosquitoes. Easy to carry and hang. Can be used on the farm.
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Outdoor Clothesline Nylon Non-Slip Laundry Line Rope


Get the best alternative to weak clothesline that break easily under harsh weather!

  • Fence design wind and waterproof nylon clothesline is what you need.
  • Doesn’t let your clothes slip even in strong wind.
  • Ideal to dry your hand wash socks, underwear or other clothes.
  • Incredibly easy to install with easy to fix stainless steel hooks.
  • Easy to fix with stainless steel hooks.
  • Unique fence design, prevent clothes from sticking.
  • Flexible laundry line, conveniently dry your hand wash socks, underwear or other clothes.
  • High-quality nylon material, healthy and environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
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USB Travel Washer Ultrasonic Rotating Turbine Washing Machine


1. Effectively removing dirt.

2. Suitable for narrow spaces, such as dormitories, apartments, apartments, RVs, etc.

3. Versatility: With high vibration, the mini washing machine is ideal for children’s clothing, underwear, socks, towels, etc. Besides cleaning clothes, it’s also great for cleaning jewelry, glasses, fruit, and more.

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