QCY mini 2 Bluetooth Earbud

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  1. The Mini 2 looks quite compact.
  2. This makes wearing headphones for a long time easier and more comfortable.
  3. Combined with soft silicone ear tips, the acoustics of the headphones become much better.
  4. Maintaining a sound quality, Micro-phone is an integral part of this QCY wireless headset .
  5. HD noise reduction, clear call, signal stability.

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These In-ear Headphones make wearing headphones for a lengthy period of time easier and more comfortable . The small , discrete design of these Wireless headphones make them slip into the ear canal to produce a hi-fi stereo sound with rich clarity and deep bass . Combined with soft silicone ear tips , the acoustics of the headphones become much better.

The light weight of the Bluetooth Headphones ensure comfortable fit without putting much weight on your sensitive ear lobes and ear canal . What’s more , it’s sweat resistant design keep them in place even if you sweat . These Wireless Earbuds are very much suitable to be used while running , dancing and exercising as well .

Furthermore , HD noise reduction feature of these Bluetooth Earphones maintains the signals stable and blocks out any distractions such as clanging weights at the gym or the busy street while making phone calls .

Moreover , these are ideal for on-the-go charging and portability . The Wireless Earphones feature portable case for storing and charging , allowing a lengthy playtime of 2 hours along with the charging time of 1 hr .

What’s more , The advanced Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity ensures smooth connection without any fear of connection breakage within the limited range .


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