Flexible Long Arms Mobile Phone Holder


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  • Flexible design allows viewing at any angle and length.
  • Equipped with an industrial strength clamp which can be clipped onto most objects.

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Flexible long Arms Mobile Phone Holder has a versatile snake like design made up of metal which facilitates you to hold your mobile phone in different angles and height while doing your work. You can enjoy watching movies, drama serials, reading online books or articles, doing video or audio calls and many more while sitting, eating, or lying down without holding your smart phone in your hand. You can also fix it in your car dashboard and allow your children to watch cartoons or animated movies. Car mobile holder also provides the facility of camera tripod as you can fix your camera and take photos easily.

It also facilitates you to use GPS to find out the right direction. Further, the long flexible goose neck is equipped with a high quality metal clamp which has a strong grip to hold many objects having thickness of less than 75mm. as well, the other plastic clip facilitates you to hold the mobile phones with max 140mm. you can rotate your phone with 360 angles according to your comfort and ease. Moreover, Mobile Holder also has many uses such us during hiking, pushing, a pram, driving the car or even during shopping.


  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 432 grams
  • Material: Steel (flexible arm)
  • Length: 70mm (flexible arm


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