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Hot Shaper Belt for Fitness- Waist Trimming

  1. Increases the core temperature and warm up the body area.
  2. It induces the body to sweat.
  3. Use a hot belt to get more fitness at tummy, tights, thigh muscles
  4. The area where you want to get smarter.
 720 28% Off

Hot Sharper Knee Support Belt – Black

  1. Provides maximum support to the knee
  2. Relieves from fatigue and pain
  3. Product by Hot Shapers
  4. Heat & Magnetic therapy, Pain relief.
  5. Keep knee warm, prevent cold.
  6. Knee support and magnet massage.
 999 38% Off

Magic Silicone Dish-washing Scrubber

  1. Superior heat resistance
  2. Has a strong elasticity
  3. Can Disinfect in hot water, Microwave, or Dishwasher.
  4. Silicone is harmless to the human body and is applied on Food utensils, water purifiers, medical equipment.
 999 33% Off
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